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An Unbreakable Grip On Her Truth

Going hard to prove the world wrong is what Latasha Alcindor, the star of our new What’s Underneath episode, has had to do her whole life. She has proven that you don’t have to be exclusively “uber sexy” or “super covered-up” to be a sizzling rapper, and, at Wesleyan, when she was told by a teacher that she wouldn’t make it out due to being a “quota,” she ended up giving an honorary commencement speech at her graduation.

But what Latasha ultimately proves is that her strength to defy deeply-rooted stereotypes comes from her unbreakable self-acceptance, exemplified by her statement: “My body is honest. Little girls see me on the stage and could think of me as their sister or mom, so I’m not trying to put any boobs or ass in — I just want to stay like this.”

A role model and a fighter for truth, watch Latasha’s story above.

Elisa + Lily

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