Tiziano Mazzilli, Closets
Tiziano Mazzilli

Tiziano has an endless fascination with discovering what’s underneath everything in culture, from fashion to music to literature to art. He claims he is not of a country, but of the world, and his interests and accomplishments resonate with his all-encompassing passion for life everywhere. As a result, when one is trying to capture him visually and literally, as I am trying to do on this site, it is impossible to fully accomplish, because he is immeasurable. Tiziano is inspired by everything and it reflects in everything he does, from his oversized “diamond” ring bracelet - an engagement gift to himself - to the Native American-inspired Hermes scarves that he made into a shirt. It made sense to me that only he could be behind the world-famous, each one of a kind, line of clothes from London called Voyage. Veteran fashion designer, DJ and artist, it's impossible to label or confine him - he is living art. When I first met him in his home, I was immediately swept in by his huge heart and wildly eclectic tastes. You can't help but want to be enveloped.

For more .. check out his website Tiziano Mazzilli

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