Terence Koh, Closets
Terence Koh

StyleLikeU is an exploration into the minds and imaginations of visual thinkers, using style as the door through which we discover the roots of their creativity. Approaching Terence Koh’s door for our interview was a monumental turning point for me since launching SLU a year and half ago. He is notorious for his highly expressive and individual sense of dressing and is world-renowned for his out-of-the-box thinking and his challenging of cultural norms in his art. However, for Terence, art IS life. I was blown away earlier this year at MOMA where I saw his brilliant, daring and highly conceptual commentary on the power of ideas as told through his unique perspective on art history. He did this in the form of a lecture delivered completely in gibberish. As I was leaving to meet Terence, I anticipated that being in the presence of someone who I respect as deeply as him would render me speechless. However, when I arrived, it was he who was not talking. Terence had decided to stop speaking a few days before our shoot. While on the set of a shoot for Vogue, he noticed the power of communicating through a gesture and a smile. The challenge of doing a video interview on the stories behind Terence’s wardrobe without him speaking was initially extremely daunting. In the end, however, I realized that I could receive everything he had to offer in his silence. Terence, using the old-fashioned virtue of pencil and paper, validated all of my assumptions regarding the creative connection made between people when their hearts are open and their egos are left at the door. He saw my love of people and I felt in him the precision of mind that he had found in the quiet and his decision to wear only white for the rest of his life.

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