Sophie Aschauer, Closets
Sophie Aschauer

The idea of buying clothes that are made for one another, like Sophie in her uber chic Thierry Mugler black high waisted pant suit, is at once so foreign to me and at the same time so alluring. Polar opposite from Sophie, my closet is a mish mash of every whim and passing obsession. My personal madness of spending lots of time working out in my mind how each piece will go together, Sophie serenely avoids with her unwavering dedicating to matching "sets." Old world glamour lives on with a new lens of cool in Sophie in her classic Moschino sailor dress, 50's Ocelot coat from her mom and red lipstick with everything. What brings my frenzy the most to shame is Sophie's complete contentment with what she refers to as her more or less few pairs of inherited YSL vintage grandmother pumps that go with everything.

I admire Sophie's complete rejection of trends and love how she pulls off looking so fresh by doing so-- Lacoste shirts and Levi's jeans never looked so good. In addition, I couldn't agree more with both Sophie's admiration of The Marchesa Luisa Casati and her point that if you have money like The Marchesa did, you might as well spend it with a unique vision. In grade school, when a friend gave Sophie a YSL black velvet bustier (with pink taffeta) dress, it was the moment when "it" all came together for her, she says. And when what you wear speaks so loudly to you, grab on and stay true to yourself, it shows.

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