Shea Daspin, Closets
Shea Daspin

Exuberant is Shea's middle name. She loves the thrill of the perfect outfit and has the creative ingenuity to manifest it, but equally exhilarating to her is life in general, including her acting, art, friends and a hot glue gun for spontaneously adding of ornaments to anything (she is obsessed with them). She finds a lot of her inspiration in people and cultures, especially the Japanese Harajuku girls, because she likes anything "cute, unexpected, and quirky," like her collection of 40's hats and bathing caps and her Shriner's Group Fez from Alabama. Shea also has an earthy bohemian side, a la style rock icon Stevie Nicks, most pronounced in her long skirts, curly locks, and drapey, capey sleeves. Shea has interned for Interview and Teen Vogue magazines and is at the New School for Media and Visual Arts. I love how she bought a half-belted skirt and turns it into an early 19th century looking bustle. Raised in Chicago, Shea is a long way from the "gawky," awkward child who was made fun of for wearing a yellow sweater by being called "Big Bird." Today, she is all confidence and charm, and she doesn't care what people think of her. When you see her in her Mongolian fur, she is the height of style and carries it off in her whimsical and spirited way, as only she can.

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