Raymond Chu, Closets
Raymond Chu

Ironically, Raymond thinks he is a boring and conservative dresser. In these times, where dressing down is the norm, his quintessentially well-made and classically detailed clothes makes him a shining standout and a paradigm of good taste from times gone by. Not surprisingly, Raymond is a theater major and among his style icons are Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire. He takes nothing lightly when it comes to the quest for authenticity and his interpretations are as literal as if they were the lines from a play. For example, if he is going to wear a 1930s suit, he is wearing the collar bar, sleeve garters, suspenders, jauntily tilted fedora and the suit has to be altered to fit. During his Raiders of the Lost Ark phase, he acquired the original jacket and hat and his Bogart jacket is exactly like the one the actor wore in Casablanca. Raymond has always made a conscious choice to remove himself from homogeneity through his love affair with '20s, '30s and '40s and true to his trade, he is aways self-analyzing. He recently realized while studying theater in India and forced to wear a uniform of t-shirts and shorts, that the clothing makes the person and not vice versa. Raymond was still the same angsty, chain smoking leading man-type when freed of his three piece suits. Raymond is presently less into the 1930s action serial, Hollywood or WWII movie fantasy and more into '30s collegiate. He’s trading his worsted wool pinstripes for flannel, tweeds, raw denim, Oxford button-downs, shetland shawl collar sweaters and slim and wide cut chinos. Getting into Raymond’s head when it comes to film and his clothing is a Ph.D in history and a leap of faith into pure imagination. Stay tuned, he feels a little too comfortable in the “dapper Dan” thing and word has it his girlfriend has been turning him onto Dylan and he has been enamored with Depression-era workwear.

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