Koos van den Akker, Closets
Koos van den Akker

For Koos, his clothing designs are a reflection of the tapestry of life and culture and the inspirations that exist in everything and everywhere. When you see his work studio, it is a visual utopia of books, magazines and walls covered in images that seem to have sparked something in the designer at a point in time. A white bed sheet awakened a creative urge at 11 years old, when Koos used it to make a dress for his sister, which he embroidered with fake unstrung pearls from his mother's necklace. Fabrics often trigger his creative energy and the craftsman in Koos turns everything into a rich and textured collage. He says, "I can throw anything together. I paint with fabrics; it's a moving painting." His dream is to sit in a window on 5th avenue and sew his clothes together, so that everyone can see them. Like an actor on a stage, he doesn't need to engage, just to entertain, expressing the depth of his feelings in the manifestation of a dress or a scarf, Koos' canvas. Ideally he would like to be designing garments that can be draped over the body, much like the way the Maasai tribe does with their rich reds. Unfortunately you cannot "make commerce" this way, he laments. He sees perfectionism as a limitation to ingenuity and feels that his impulses are the source of his greatest artistic revelations, "fashion is not at all my interest. I make beautiful things that happen to be three dimensional."

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