Jordan Robin, Closets
Jordan Robin

When I was interviewing Jordan, I was immediately drawn to her captivating, 70's-esque natural beauty and her obsession with Vivienne Westwood's radical reinterpretation of sixteenth and seventeenth-century clothing (I am a huge fan as well). Learning that Jordan was put to sleep everynight as a child to Neil Young, it seemed completely in line with her love for the nostalgic and sentimental aspects of life. Born in Honolulu, growing up in LA, and now living in Brooklyn, Jordan attributes much of the laid-back part of herself to a childhood in Hawaii, where they are "five years behind the times." She says that her world, in a very good way, remains influenced by her roots. Despite living in the frenzy of the Big Apple, she is able to maintain a fairy tale-esque outlook. This can be seen as much in Jordan's clothes as in her multiple creative endeavors. Jordan's red cape, cloak-like dress from Opening Ceremony, and mountains of beaten up Victorian-inspired ankle boots all have a romantic quality. Her passion for enchantment and mysticism echo in her own music (she's in a band called Cheap Champagne), her artwork (featured in her photos), and in her affection for the poet Rimbaud. A good story relating to her style and her "walk between reality and imagination" is how she found the twenty-three antique keys that she wears around her neck and on her wrists sitting on a curb in a wooden box. Had she been in "tunnel mode" and not "getting her money's worth out of the world," she would have overlooked them.

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