Jessica Hannan, Closets
Jessica Hannan

It is hard to imagine that someone with the statuesque beauty of Jessica, suffered for being tall with those enviable long legs, when she was 5'10" at twelve years old. Today she's a proud 6' and can carry off anything, including black and white striped tights under a delicate, sheer vintage 1930's dress that she aquired from the high end antique clothing shop that she manages on Portobello Road in Notting Hill and is where we shot her for this post. Jessica loves her hosiery and has many from her beloved High Street, which her enthusiasm for took me a minute to understand. The Brits are proud of their fast fashion, High Street is the place where much of it began and it is of a higher level of quality in London, Jess explains, compared to other places. Her Sonia Rykiel for H and M, very '60's mini dress over matching hose, is all horizontal lines of colors and if she had told me it was a priceless original, I would have believed her (which also has a lot to do with the person in it.) Jessica's Ossie Clark "traffic light dress" from the '70's, was for me one of the quest enders of all quest enders in the fifteen months of doing this site. When seeing her in it, that feeling of wanting to throw everything else away that I own came creeping up, her taste raises the bar and was in the stars from the beginning. "If you look at the little girl I was, it would make sense what I am doing now... , lived in our heads. Now, I have this job where I dress up all day and people come in and buy the drama. They love the drama and we talk about clothes and intellectualize fashion."

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