Geoffrey Young, Closets
Geoffrey Young

I met Geoffrey through Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. Stephan is a good friend and every time I have seen him in the last couple of years, he has had slung across his shoulders, the same ultra understated chic messenger bag , in the richest of raw stone gray suedes. The style might be something you would see the romantic poet John Keats wearing in the early 19c and you can picture it having been made in the local village by the town cobbler. He kept saying that I had to meet Geoffrey, whose belts and bags were one of a kind pieces, the kind that you wear for life and become a part of you. Geoffrey lives in San Francisco, so it took a minute to finally meet him, but when I did, I not only uncovered his brilliant wears, but his close to perfectly edited and tasteful beyond words closet and home. The Carpe Diem boots (museum worthy), the tried and true Florsheim Imperial wing tips with dark jeans, the classic horse pin that he recast in silver to fasten sweaters and scarves and then the list of avante garde designers that once you own their pieces, you are pretty much at the end of the road in needing to own anything else, they are so timeless and authentic. When you get to Geoffrey's phase of collecting a wardrobe, less definately becomes more, and the proportions and fit are bordering on art. He is mildly obssessed with details like hand stitching, the quality of a the fabric or hide and the unique cuts, he sees everything from the inside out. I love the subtle and conceptual ideas behind the designs he is attracted to, they are what make all of the difference in presentation. For example, his "J"-shaped pant by Attachment and the white shirt with the extra long sleeves from Thom Browne, when worn they are made to wrinkle and bunch in all the right places, taking something very classic and giving it a modern edge. Geoffrey calls the hunt for the ultimate, like the quintessential leather jacket, "the quest ender", his quest seems to be for the most part, over.

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