Dylan Treleven, Closets
Dylan Treleven

Dylan said that his favorite people on this site are Ludwig Kuttner and Beatrix Ost. He says that the comfort that they have at their age, with all of their "eccentricities," fascinates him, but it usually takes one to know one, and I mean this in the most complimentary way possible. He may not be wearing Gaultier skirts to business meetings like Ludwig, or even when he is performing in his band, but Dylan is in no way ordinary. He admits that one of his favorite activities is eating fried eggs and toast and sipping hot coffee in his living room on a frigid but sunny Sunday morning, and I have a feeling that he wouldn't be doing this in any old pseudo-flannel shirt he had lying around - in fact, I don't think Dylan owns anything inauthentic. Most likely, I would imagine his outfit to be a vintage cashmere robe, or a plaid flannel one (maybe monogrammed), and leather slippers. Dylan's acute attention to detail and the intense way with which he perceives the world, whether in his music, his love for the smell of air in winter, his devotion to the quality of what he wears and how it is made and his passion for the virtue of selvege jeans, rolled up and off set by the most tasteful vintage oxford, sets him apart.
Check out Dylan's personal blog and the website for his band The Skins. We were referred to Dylan by his friend and fellow three-piece suit aficionado Raymond Chu.

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