Daliah Heeger, Closets
Daliah Heeger

Daliah says that she literally sweats in movies, she gets so lost in them and the imagery. I think what she means though is that she loves the feeling of empowerment that embodying a look or a character, so specifically, brings her. Disguise could be Daliah's middle name, even though she sees right through the irony of names, words, and pretty much everything else when it comes to what it is that actually defines a person. When my scout for the site was stopped in his tracks upon spotting Daliah, he told her that it was so cool that she was from Vienna, her response was an emphatic "No," but a very open and warm yes to us shooting her for the site. Getting dressed is Daliah's "identity envelope - each day you can choose what you want to be." She loves and hates fashion because she uses her aesthetic to become more of who she is, when "fashion" and it's blind reverence of homogeneity can make you feel less of who are. At a party, Daliah would rather wear her garish flea market dress and a $3 exaggerated hair piece than fade into the sea of black. She is studying medicine and photography, but doesn't want to be a doctor, because like everything else, she is most interested in learning. Science, art, philosophy, fashion, it's all one big experiment in looking for the underlying ideas. If Daliah was just trying to look "pretty," she feels she would be missing so much, and I couldn't agree more - sometimes the ugly, weird, and ridiculous can be the pinnacle of great style.

Daliah works as a photographer for Material Girl Magazine and Indie Magazine, a model scout for Tempo Models and co-writes a blog The Pet Fan Club

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