Contessa Stuto, Closets
Contessa Stuto

Admittedly and comfortably "shocking" in her style, Contessa says that she loves to be the center of attention in her femme fatale clothing combinations. She is alluring and commanding in her ensnaring leather bustiers and 80's leggings, but equally captivating with her carefree and iconoclast personality. You cannot help but notice her and for all the right reasons - she uses fashion to boldly and bravely celebrate who she is and to have fun. With an eye for good finds that are fierce in late 80's and 90's references (like strong prints, color and accentuated shapes), it's not surprising that her favorite designers are Patricia Field (for her career), Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, and Stephen Sprouse, whose memorable graffitti bag, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, she scored. In her black sheer top with gold belted black leggings, tulle headpiece, dark sunglasses, and platinum blonde hair, Contessa is a portrait of one who is extraordinary in self-presentation and defines self-expression as an art. Whether it's Madonna-esque 80's glam or 90's fly girl, she makes it her - bold and comfortable enough to stand on her own.

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