Cindy Huang, Closets
Cindy Huang

Cindy has the uniform of young, hip, and professional down. Like her very focused wardrobe of mainly black, white, and gray, her professional life is equally sharpened. With her sister Soni as her partner, she has a clothing line Soni and Cindy and a LES boutique called Suite Orchard. Cindy's staples are vests, wife beaters, mini dresses, and tons of Marc Jacobs shoes with bows. Much like the one in her own apartment, Cindy's store is meant to be the dream closet with everything interchangeable. Born and raised in Manhattan, she was an artist since she was little and always drawing. She went to a Performing Arts HS and got her BFA from the school of design for fashion at Parsons. Most of her inspiration comes from her life experiences. She attended Laguardia High School, which was the "Fame" high school in NYC, she lived in Paris for a year, and she designed for Diane Von Furstenberg. "I try to live my life out of the ordinary and hope to dress well living it." So far, so good.

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