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Cameron Silver

Despite sitting in his backyard in a silver Costume National tuxedo with embellished lapels, an innovative black leather t-shirt, and a dramatic alligator-skin superhero mask along with his impeccably curated jewelry, Cameron's intentions, ironically, were never to work in fashion. He is the MC behind LA's high-end vintage couture boutique Decades, but also a trained actor and classically trained singer, who toured the country perfoming and is a connoisseur of the greats of American theater, like Porter and Blitzstein. At work, he curates the clothing of the 20th and 21st centuries as collectibles, and says that he is still performing-- his store is the performance space, now. When a woman from Texas recently left his store high from how she felt in a '64 Dior gown, it mirrors, for him, the unmatched adrenaline rush of being on stage.

In a Madman-like emerald green straw hat, cordovan Brooks Brother's loafers (he calls them "the French black"), an Acne shorts-suit, an Hermes ring – and his signature epic watch, in this case a Cartier, Cameron says that he always asks himself: "Would Cary Grant wear this?" History figures are Cameron's biggest influences, like Dirk Bogarde, the Baron de Rede and Napolean, but he always throws the most seminal and dramatically contemporary into the mix, like a studded Katharine Hamnett leather jacket that she made for George Michael, his collection of Louboutin studded shoes and a McQueen Botticelli-printed shirt and blazer. Once, Ali McGraw said to him, "It's all drag-- what's yours today?" Cameron's only rule is that fashion should be fun. "Anyone who comes into the store must leave us happier than when they arrived, whether they purchased anything or not. Being nice is paramount." Just like you should feel when you leave the theater.

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