Byrdie Bell, Closets
Byrdie Bell

When I showed up to film Bryrdie, it was also the first time I had met her. She answered the door in a terry bath robe, wet-haired and makeup-free, exuding right away her open and willing-to-share all spirit. While she was lacing up her plastic platform stripper boots, it was easy to get drawn into her stories of being an outsider in Greenwich, CT, where the dress code was topsiders only. The key to Byrdie's impeccable style is how she pairs these clear massive platforms with the sweetest of floral vintage dresses and her hair swept up. When worn this way, the boots go from trash to class, the latter being what Byrdie is all about. She's currently obsessed with finishing everything off with her new boxy secondhand jean jacket, and is never sorry about the pieces she has spent alot of money on, like her Rick Owens leather one. Byrdie wears her ultra chunky Dior booties with everything from the riding jodhpurs and white eyelet blouse to the sequin vintage "Balmainesque" evening dress and black leather jacket. It is innate in Byrdie to know exactly what the "essential" pieces are in her wardrobe that give her that eye-catching ease. She is as comfortable and natural in the Dior platforms as in her terry robe.

If you like Byrdie, you may also enjoy Sophie Conti, Ashley Wick, and Sabrina Diaz.

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