Andrea Astoria, Closets
Andrea Astoria

I can't help but think of Mia Farrow when looking at Andrea, and found this early photo of the actress with long hair that supports my case. Andrea could easily be one of Woody Allen's all-American muses with her quirky and earthy depth and natural beauty, a la Annie Hall, and she says that she "plotzes over Jewish men." Living in Boulder, Colorado at 11, Andrea remembers carrying her pet rat around in her black suede jacket pocket and spent her summers in Missouri running through corn fields and playing in creeks, but was never in cowboy boots and jeans. In fact her mom, who Andrea attributes much of her independent thinking to, dressed her daughter in a diamond studded cat collar and fur coat when she was one and introduced her to the art of one of a kind shopping, which Andrea took to like a bee to honey. Her wardrobe is very paired down (except for her footwear fetish) to suit her lifestyle as a model traveling all over the world. Certain staples like her wide black suede waiste belt, black leggings and favorite shoes and boots (the Marc Jacobs take on the riding ones are amazing!), go with her everywhere and are the uniform to her precious vintage finds, like among many, her Dior and Victorian blazers, and 80's sweaters. However, for me, her brilliant red mane of hair is her main accessory and it can go many ways from Lolita with her knee socks to glamorous starlet with her mom's fedora and scarf combo.

If you like Andrea, you might also enjoy Marka Kiley, Angela Grossi, or Katia Hakko.

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