Akeem Bazaar, Closets
Akeem Bazaar

I love the moment in Akeem's video when he describes his coat as "I am here!" Everything about him is show-stopping, and he pushes the boundaries from his Josephine Baker curls to his Shabba Ranks-inspired dancehall braids and hat. He's from Crown Heights, where his theatrical-like presence garners him a lot of attention, both positive and negative. However, it all bounces off Akeem, his self-possessed style only reflects his great energy. Classic becomes borderline fly in his vintage floor-length kilt, made modern with a Jellie shoe or rich and tribal with a Moroccan slip-on. Predictable becomes extravagant in his striking collection of furs and in his black leather jacket that he makes over-the-top Givenchy-esque by adding grommets. Akeem is heading towards a career in costume design, where I am rooting for his many inventive ideas (like shredding a white button down) to become legend.

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