Felicity Hayward, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Fat


For our newest installment of Dispelling Beauty Myths with Allure Magazine, we’re featuring the bold and outspoken plus-sized model Felicity Hayward. When Felicity first saw stretch marks on her stomach at 18, she didn’t exactly know what they were. A lack of realistic images of women in the media showing stretch marks made her feel like they were something she had to hide. Going from hiding her stomach in one pieces to proudly wearing lingerie as a plus-sized model, Felicity is now a fearless leader in the movement for body positivity. Despite the plus-sized modeling industry’s standards of ‘petite curves,’ she has no plans to change herself to fit into that mold. As she explains, “I do have lumps and bumps and maybe they should be toned up, or slimmed down, but I’m not going to do that. If I did, I would lose myself, and lose my personality. The perfect body does not exist, because no two humans on this planet are the same. You’re always going to be happy if you’re real with yourself.”


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