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Stop the Presses! (JK, Keep Them Coming)

There are so many press outlets singing our praises right now about our #iamwhatsunderneath Kickstarter campaign that we can't help but be overwhelmed. Check out some snippets below. PS... Nylon, amazing collage.

“Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum’s documentary project “I Am What’s Underneath” is like nothing else we’ve seen on Kickstarter.” - Hello Giggles

“This 'I Am What's Underneath' documentary about real beauty looks completely inspiring.” - Cosmopolitan UK 

“The documentary all women need to see needs your help first.” - Refinery 29

“StyleLikeU has unwaveringly supported the notion that all bodies are valid and worthy of love, and I hope the Kickstarter is funded, so they can bring that critically important message to an even wider audience.”  - Rookie

"This viral video series could become fashion's most meaningful documentary.” - Nylon

"In the midst of a fashion industry that propagates the tall, thin, waify woman as the ideal of feminine beauty, it’s hard to keep in mind that real beauty comes with within. Thankfully, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum are here to remind you with their new 'I Am What’s Underneath' documentary." - Bustle 

Our unofficial "press tour" kicked off last Monday on Katie Couric, where we joined Tallulah to talk our about passion to create empowering, diverse definitions of beauty. Thank you, Katie, and to everyone who is helping us spread the word about our global movement for self-acceptance. 


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