Rachel Ballinger, Closets
Rachel Ballinger

An effortless and unassuming beauty with a preppy bent, Rachel's a little Cher from Clueless and one of my all time favorites, a dead ringer for Ali MacGraw, who has as much natural style off of the screen as on (a sad rarity these days). Her resemblance to Ali is as much the thick, uncomplicated eyebrows and the 2009 version of hippie boots tucked into the jeans as it is about the Scottish plaid pants (but done punk) that is reminiscent of the '70s style icon to me. Rachel's got a knack for investment pieces, like her Givenchy bag, and has the help of one of our own in making those heart-racing decisions, Ian Bradley, whose taste is similar to hers in making the classics fresh and modern. She was literally breathless, when pulling out all of her boots which are a definite fetish. From homegrown looking eskimos to clunky ankle boots to the edgy classicism of Margiela to a veteran's passion for all things black, they are like an expose of Rachel's personality. Rachel is just that kind of quiet example of someone who doesn't crave attention, but deserves to have it.

If you like Rachel, you might also enjoy Sarah Aoanan, Haley Wollens, or Sophia Bennett Holmes.

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