Erika von Petrin, Closets
Erika von Petrin

Erika had me when she said so humbly about her staggeringly enchanting vintage collection, "alittle bit of glamour in a pedestrian life." She is so on point, genuinely knowledgeable and contemporary while authentic. When Erika goes searching for the current trendy spikey jewelry on Ebay, she ends up with ancient Indian bracelets, unlike anything you have seen. A sensualist to the bone, she collects loads of Miriam Haskell jewelry (the best!), wraps herself casually in an almost edible 70's bronze dress and in keeping with her uncommonly good taste, wears it with one of her cherished Margiela boots, the black ones with the painted pink toe. Ballet Russe comes to mind, in the rich colors and textures of her coveted multi colored sweater dress, 40's slavic fez and worthy of worship fur sleeved outer-wear number. Fringe, feathers, opera and cocoon coats, enameled and gilded bags, Erika sniffs out the "gloriously beautiful." Like an exquisite hand-made piece of porcelain behind glass in a museum, Erika wears only one of a kind and she is one of a kind the way she wears them.

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