About Us
Our Mission

From the moment we are born, the fashion and beauty marketing machine saturates us with monolithic and unattainable notions of beauty and fashion. Obsessed with youth, meaningless consumption, photoshopped “perfection,” and celebrity-worship, we have been brainwashed to hate our bodies, dread aging, yearn for fame over integrity, and spend our lives paralyzed by a desire to fit in.

Six years ago we created StyleLikeU as alternative to this unconscious self-hate. Home to a series of radically honest docu-style video portraits that redefine our culture’s notion of beauty, each piece of our content is driving public engagement around the reversal of the fashion and beauty industry’s crippling status quo.

By featuring the diverse stories of unapologetic individuals who are true to themselves and comfortable in their skin, you will be empowered to discover that same sense of freedom and comfort in your own skin.

Our Philosophy

disentangle style from what’s in fashion

dress to express your inner spirit

be unapologetically yourself

consume consciously

embrace your unique identity

turn your struggles into strengths

create your own definition of beauty

your body is your home


Our Story

Hi, we are Elisa and Lily, a mother-daughter team bound together by our passion to spread self-acceptance through style. Here is how it happened:


In 2009, I *Lily* was a curvy 19 year old, struggling to love my body in a culture without any images of women who looked like me. I was convinced that in order to have style, I needed to starve myself, slip into a pair of skinny jeans, and tote around the latest 'it' bag. This empty ideal of beauty tortured my adolescence.

At the same time, I *Elisa* was working as a fashion stylist. After decades in the business, I left to raise my two kids. When I returned, the industry, which was once devoted to artistry, had become about selling status, conformity, and one, exclusive ideal of beauty. I eventually realized that those same photoshopped magazine covers that I was styling were also harming my daughter's self-esteem.

Instead of doing nothing about this disempowering system, we chose to create an alternative. And so we started StyleLikeU.


In 2009, we picked up a home video camera and began to document real people with original personal style. We interviewed people of all ages, body types, races and genders, all of whom were being submerged in a sea of cookie-cutter norms. Their journey toward self-discovery took us along with them, leading each of us to our own self-discoveries. Instead of feeling excluded and disenchanted, we felt connected and inspired.

After producing thousands of raw, honest docu-style videos, we've harnessed a new wave of fashion where style is not about celebrity status, trends or airbrushed photographs. True style is self-acceptance and at the core of every person's identity.


Our Documentary

In November 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the production of a documentary film that will capture our viral video series, The What’s Underneath Project, on its road to becoming a global movement for self-acceptance. The campaign was a wild success and in just 18 days, we reached our initial goal of $100k. by the end of the month-long campaign, we raised a total of $135,655. The film is in production as we speak and we’re aiming to bring it to you in the Spring of 2017.

Meet The Team

Ramona is our rock, our BFF, and our Casting Director. She’s been with us since basically day one and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without her. You might see her scouring the streets of NYC and walking (or running) up to strangers with stop-you-in-your-tracks style. If she comes up to you, don’t be scared, she’s got one of the biggest heart of anyone we know! You can also email her if you or someone you know wants to be featured: ramona [at] stylelikeu [dot] com

Date Ramona joined our family: 2009


Elizabeth is our resident SLU cheerleader and Communications Director. For all things concerning social media, press inquiries, or spreading the word about our movement, email her at: elizabeth [at] stylelikeu [dot] com

Date Elizabeth joined our family: 2016


Pamela is our powerhouse producer and business development consultant. For all production inquiries, email pamela [at] stylelikeu [dot] com

Date Pamela joined our family: 2016

For other internship, volunteer and job opportunities, email info [at] stylelikeu [dot] com